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Crafting a compelling

As a founder, you tend to think that your startup story is interesting as you are living through the struggles and triumphs. It might be interesting to you, but it might not be enough to impress the investors. We call this a lacking of hooks.

Hooks are the wow factors within your narrative that will make your investors remember you even if they have met dozens of others startups just like yours. Hooks comes in many shapes – an awesome product, a great traction story or growth trajectory, a diverse and experienced team, a strong and/or unusual differentiatior, etc.

So, our first step is to identify the hooks within your narrative. This helps us to design and craft your pitch deck to amplify the hooks. 

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Eliminating discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Seasoned investors who see hundreds of pitches regularly are good in identifying any overstated metrics, inconsistencies or discrepancies within your story. 

When this happens, you will lose credibility with the investors and ultimately end up increasing the due diligence on your startup (i.e. longer time taken to close).

Once we have figured out the hooks within your story, we eliminate any discrepancies within your deck. We take a detailed approach to make sure that your pitch is consistent from slide to slide – from the product introduction, to your metrics and even your appendix.

Fixing your financials and metrics.

Investors and analysts value founders who are in touch with their financials and metrics. It shows them that you are in control of what is going on with your startup. 

80% of founders that we work with have no clue about the metrics that matters to the investors. Even if they do, they have no experience in presenting it to highlight their hooks or addressing any discrepancies within their numbers.

So, we start the pitch deck building process by working on your numbers, producing the charts and diagrams needed to clearly explain them. We make sure that any sudden changes – spikes or drops – can be explained without damaging your pitch. 

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Market research and valuation study.

Your investors will likely have more information about your market and your industry than you because:
– They have seen way to many pitches like yours leading to thinking that your market is overcrowded.
– They had a bad experience with a company in a similar space and don’t want to touch that space again.
– They know who’s your competitor is and how much funding they have secretly raised and are concerned that you are too closely related.

They might also know what is the real valuation of a startup within your space cause of other deals that they have seen or involved in. 

So, the only way to be prepared to answer questions and concerns is to have studied the market well and deeply understand your valuation. We know that you are busy running your company, so our internal analyst will do it for you.

Building your pitch decks;
Yes, we build two decks.

This is something that is unique to us. We build two decks for you, not one. 

Your email deck – This is the deck that you will email to investors if they ask to see a deck first before setting up a meeting with you. Many investors tend to forward your decks to other investors or companies. We include all the details that will intrigue the investors to take the meet with you and we avoid any details that can be nitpicked. 

Your presentation deck – This deck has everything that you need including your main pitch slides, product demo mockups, financial metrics, appendix slides, etc. You normally don’t email this deck out unless the investor asks for it to proceed with due diligence. 

Across both the decks, our design principles and promises are followed to make sure you have a compiling, visual, and effective deck. We also help you with templates for investor emails, the best practices for researching your investors, etc to help you reach out to your investors. 

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Presentation preparation
and fine tuning.

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Now, that we have the initial version of your decks ready, the next part is to make sure that you are ready to present it. 

Most pitch deck design firms skip this part. This part is important as it allows us to change the designs and slide content based on your presentation style. We work through with you over 3 sessions of practice to tweak and fine tune the slides to make sure it’s perfect for your business and you (or the presenter).

We also ask you 50+ questions that a typical investors will ask to prepare you to be natural with using the deck to answer. In a real presentation, you might need to pause and skip to your appendix slide to explain a question. We do this to make sure you know where are charts or diagrams you require within the deck. 

By the end of step 6, you will be ready to present the slide deck that we have created.

Reviews and
post pitch engagement.

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We know that you will change your mind on some slides design or position once you are done meeting your first few investors. This is natural and 100% of clients do this. 

We will be available for you for the next 90 days after we handoff the slide decks to you. During this time, you can request any changes, any updates you need within the slide and any assistance you need with your pitch. 

Most of our clients will end up closing their round within 120 days of engaging us. They normally walk away with a solid email deck, full presentation deck that they use with their investors (and even for business development) and a slide template that they tend to use across different functions within their business. 

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Day-by-day breakdown
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