Our Timeline

We know it’s hard to trust your fundraising deck design process to someone else—even experienced professionals. It feels risky. It’s your reputation and your business on the line, after all.

You will be assigned a dedicated pitch consultant who will be assisting you through our process. We don’t just want to provide you with a “pitch deck design” service during our engagement; we want to be an extension of your team that you can count on for advice and insight to achieve your fundraising goals.

Before The Kick-Off
A Quick Call With Us
Your time commitment: 30 minutes
This call is all about accessing your readiness to start your fundraising and pitch deck building process.

During this call, we expect to talk to you about:
1. Your business and your product(s)
2. Your fundraising timeline
3. Your fundraising strategy
4. Your background and your experience with investors
Before The Kick-Off
Day 1
Kick-off Meeting
Your time commitment: 30 minutes
The kick off meeting starts with a signed NDA from us to make sure that you are comfortable sharing confidential details with us. We will send over a checklist of items that we need from you prior to our kickoff meeting.

Typical items include:
1. Your current pitch deck or your previous pitch deck
2. Your metrics and financial spreadsheets
3. Any client business case or any partnerships
4. Your logo, style sheets, branding guides
5. Any notes, clippings and examples you have to explain your product better.
Day 1
Day 2 - Day 6
Crafting Your Deck
Your time commitment: 1 to 2 hours
Our creative process starts with content gathering and mapping. During this, our copywriters and creatives are working on a compelling narrative for your startup by looking at your war stories, growth trajectory and our own research. Our goal here is to create a succinct content to build a strong case for the investors to believe in your narrative.

We also study your brand language, color schemes, typography to incorporate in you deck design. This allows us to create a custom professional design for your startup that is memorable and unique.

Our researchers identify competition and start researching on market trends and how to highlight the value proposition that distinguishes the client from existing players in the industry. As a knowledge sharing practice, we provide our clients with the research insights gained and discuss how it can be integrated into the pitch deck.
Day 2 - Day 6
Day 7 - Day 10
Your Financials + Metrics
Your time commitment: 1 to 2 hours
While our design and research team are busy crafting your deck, our analysts will spend time reviewing your financials and metrics.

We will produce custom graphs, charts and diagrams to illustrate your numbers. During our call, we will go through each of the diagrams to identify the reasons behind any sudden spikes or drops within your metrics.

The final data will be passed to our design team to put a design polish on it.

Note: Check our our promises page on why we don't lie for you or advice any clients to do so when it comes to the numbers.
Day 7 - Day 10
Day 11 - Day 17
Raise Your Pitch Confidence
Your time commitment: 3 to 4 hours
We will go through every slide in your pitch deck and guide you through an in-depth explanation of each of the slide and the content that it carries. This helps you to understand your presentation and the narrative that we have crafted for you.

We offer pitch review sessions to raise your pitch-confidence for your upcoming presentation. We provide an audience, professional advice on your presentation style and execution, and suggestions on the content, design and flow of your pitch. The session is recorded so you can review your performance and progress.

We also prepare you to answer questions that your investors might ask. During this process, we will also give you email templates and your email deck so that you can start scheduling your investor meets.
Day 11 - Day 17
Day 18 - Day 20
Refinement and Completion
Your time commitment: None.
Final deliverable is provided in a fully editable format, usually PowerPoint or Keynote, and you retain full rights to use, edit or distribute in anyway you wish. We will provide you with 3 decks:
1. Your email deck
2. Your presentation deck (plus appendix)
3. A slide template that you can use with any other decks within your company
4. Editable form of any illustration or pictures used within the decks (usually in svg, png, jpeg or .ai formats)

During the last 3 days, you have a chance to present the deck to your co-founders, peers and advisors to get their opinion. We will refine the deck based on your conversations.
Day 18 - Day 20
Post Design Engagements
Your are off to the races!
Now with the best looking pitch deck and your knowledge on fund-raising and your market, you should be busy meeting your investors and raising your round! Want to add some new slides? We are available to you for the next 90 days if you require any minor refinements in your deck.
Post Design Engagements

Be pitch ready in the next 20 days.

We only work with 6 clients per month to ensure high service quality across all our deliverables. So, schedule a call with us today to avoid a long wait.