Introduction Slide

The Kickstarter Deck is designed with speed in mind. So, the introduction slide comes with 16 different designs based of flat and minimal design. We have purposely removed all distractions (gradients, font choices, and colors) out of it to make sure that it’s easy and quick to use. 

Let’s start by looking at what’s within the introduction slide templates. We have 16 versions of the introduction slide in this package. 

Through out this deck template, remember these rules:

  1. Any space with purple background indicates that you can just drag and drop a new image in the space. 
  2. Every slide comes with instructions in the presenter notes section if you forget what to include. 

The first 8 out of 16 slides, are the simple designs where you just have to add your logo, startup name and tagline. At the bottom you have the domain of your website. If you are using keynote, just type the domain and press ‘Enter’. It will automatically link it to the site. Of course, you can edit it by clicking the link. 

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The other 8 slides are slightly more complicated with half slide covered by image and it allows you to show off your product/company better. 

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When it comes to editing the picture on the side, you can just drag and drop the picture that you want to use. You can use keynote settings (within inspector) to resize, change contrast, flip and reposition the picture. 

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Check out the example of the above templates used to showcase Instagram as an app.