Our Promises

We know it’s hard to trust your fundraising deck design process to someone else—even experienced professionals. It feels risky. It’s your reputation and your business on the line, after all.

We take that very seriously, which is why we make the following promises.

Promise 1

We'll hurt your feelings before we let you use a bad deck - design or content wise. We'll always give you our honest opinion about your startup and metrics in order to help you understand how to make it better.

Promise 2

We won't work with you unless we believe in your idea and business. We would never just take your money. We will speak to you before you sign up to make sure we're a good fit, and we'll never take your money unless we think you have a good chance to close your funding¹.

Promise 3

Your deck will look and feel professional. We take your presentation as seriously as you do, because our credibility is on it, just like yours. We will make sure all aspects of your deck uphold the highest professional standards.

Promise 4

Your deck design and content will be entirely your customised based on your startup and your business needs. We do not cook up the numbers, or lie for you. Our process is designed to get the best, most authentic deck possible out of you.

Promise 5

Your deck will come with a general design templates based on your branding that you can use with other decks for your startup too. We don't recycle designs or claim ownership over it.

Promise 6

We won’t just leave you out there to figure it out yourself. We want your fundraising to succeed as much as you do, and we’ll help you get it there in any way possible through our coaching and advisory.

Promise 7

We will never reveal your business insights, deck or details to anyone except you. We sign an NDA with every client² and we stay behind the scene, so that you can shine.

More information/ Sources

1. We have told clients to buy a lower priced package or have said outright ‘no’ to clients  because we believe that it’s too early/late to fundraise. We measure this chance by looking at your business model and based on what are your current investors saying. We know that we lose business by doing this, but it allows us to be confident in what we deliver, and sleep well at night. 
2. We sign a solid NDA that allows us to get access to your startup or business details. We don’t make money by revealing your numbers to your competitors or investors. The NDA extends to everyone within our organisation and anyone that we work with to complete the project.