Last updated: 21st January 2019

We used to offer 60-days, no-questions asked 100% refund for all our informational products (courses, templates, plugins, sites and designs).

Note: We still offer 60-days 100% refunds for all our physical products.

Why did we stop?

  1. We had a handful of customers that download our products and then ask for a refund almost immediately as we had a no-questions-asked policy. We had no choice to but process it immediately.
  2. Some of our customers had no idea how to use powerpoint or keynote well, and then got frustrated with the product cause of the their inability to use the softwares well. In these cases, I was able to solve 99% of their problems with just an hour call over Skype to teach them what to do. In fact, many of these customers ended up loving the product and introduced me to more customers.
  3. We realised that the products that got distributed free through emails and blogs that was bought from us came from people who asked for a refund.

Hence, we decided to tweak our policy to make sure the cover and protect our products from the things above.

Unless, otherwise stated, we offer no refund policy to all our digital products below USD 30. Anything more expensive, we offer our 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee.


Our 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our guarantee lasts 60 days, which lets you explore all parts of our products (digital/online products), risk-free.

Because we extensively tested it, We know that the product works, so we can take on the risk ourselves. Try the entire product, guide, designs, templates and decide if it’s right for you.

However — and this is important — only buy if you intend to follow the action steps. Our products are not simply to consume information. It’s designed for you to take action. If you ask for a refund, we will require you to show us that you have completed the work and used our products according to the guide.

We require you to show us that you have done the work, and derived zero value from it. If you have gained no value from it, we are more than happy to refund you.

For example, if you have used our Pitch Deck Design Services, and realised after 2 weeks that you won’t be fundraising for a long time, then sure. Mail us and we are more than happy to assist you with your process after verifying your situation.

Caution: If we find out that you are still using or circulating our product, and requested for a refund with falsified information, we will charge you for the product again and ban you across all our products and services. Do mail me at [email protected] if you want to know more about this.


Upgrades, Downgrades and Exchanges

We do want to help everyone who are interested in our products and resources. So, we generally offer exchanges, downgrades and upgrades.

  • We do generally offer exchanges for similar-priced products if we determine that a different product is a better fit based on your needs.
  • We offer upgrades to more advanced products (only charging the difference in prices) if you require a more detailed approach to your need.
  • In some cases, you might have purchased more than you need. So, we do process downgrades too. We will partially refund you the difference in price. (purchase price only, not VAT).


More assistance

If you need more assistance or confused with anything, contact me. We can chat about what you are looking to do and find the right product for you.

If you have any questions about the applicability of the products for your business or questions about the templates, contact us before purchase, and you can explain a bit about what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll help figure out if the templates are a good fit for you. If you’re looking for more information not covered online, I’m also generally happy to do an online demo. Schedule that by emailing me.

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