Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

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End generational poverty by empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses through content, community and resources.


End Generational Poverty,
Not Just Making Incremental Improvements

What is Generational Poverty?

Generational poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for at least two generations. This kind of poverty is often accompanied with lack of quality education, poor parenting and decaying moral ethics which results in a sense of hopelessness.

What is Entrepreneurship?

When we say entrepreneurs on this site, we refer to those who own small businesses. We disregard the unicorns and multinational companies cause they are anamolies i.e. the chances of any company reaching that level of scale is less than 1%. 


Create Entrepreneurs and Businesses with Profitable, Sustainable and Ethical Business Models.

We believe that smart capitalism is the only effective way to solve poverty. The world is made up of 7.8% entrepreneurs (580mil out of 7.6bil). Our hypothesis is that by increasing it to 20%, we can effectively create enough jobs, wealth and access to end the poverty trap through businesses.

More Entrepreneurs

Our 5 year goal is to help 2 million individuals to get started with thier entrepreneurial journey.

Better Entrepreneurs

Our 5 year goal is to help 100,000 businesses to go from single person operation to 5 and above while increasing revenue.


Tools, Resources, Content, Events, and Community To Help Entrepreneurs Grow

We cover three coree areas that we believe make up the back bone of any business

Designing and delivering the best product for your customers
Fundraising and managing finances to enable expansion and scale
Mental models, books and resources that foster savvier business decisions

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