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Butterfly Effect.

Our goal, over and above all else, is your success. You’ll find recent essays, podcasts, helpful guides, worksheets, and templates to help you grow your skills and business.

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Our Editorial Principles

We know you have a lot of options in what to read. So, we strive to earn your trust with every content that we make. ​
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We respect you as a reader, regardless of who you are.

We assume you are an intelligent reader, regardless of the depth of knowledge you have on the subject matter. Hence, we provide clear definitions, reliable facts, logical explanations and best practices for you to make better decisions on your own. We don't decide for you.

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We make content with depth and a long shelf life.

We focus on topics that benefit readers for a long term, compared to gossips and hearsays. We don't use memes, clickbait, or other 'BuzzFeed' tricks to get your attention. We convey content, facts and ideas that are worth revisiting multiple times as we update our content over time.

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We are transparent about our incentives and motivations.

We will never do banner ads or sponsored content for brands that we don't believe in. We align our interests with your interests when it comes to affiliates, payments and incentives. We only make and sell products that are worth paying for, and priced appropriately.